2014 Giant Schnoodle, Rowdy!

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Name: 2014 Giant Schnoodle, Rowdy!

Description: Gretchen & Kim came drove from WY to pick up their second Giant. They came about 2 years ago and bought Sambo! Now Sambo has a playmate. Hey, Deb, Things are going wonderfully after the training began to go our way. We named the puppy Rowdy, and that may have been a mistake--because he is! Sambo is so happy having a brother and they play well together. We feed them in separate rooms and neither will eat until the other has his own bowl of food. They prefer being outdoors but love to nap in their crates when in the house. It's like they have their own little man-cave where they can retreat when they want to be alone. Our pastor has family in Kansas and is hoping to get a dog like Sambo for his father, one of these days. I told him that you will let me know when puppies are expected, right? Have a good summer, Gretchen Hi Deb, Sambo loves his little brother, and they play so well! Rowdy is his name, and he weighs 20 lbs. now. He has had 2 groomings, and loves his groomer at the Bath & Biscuit. Our vet at Mountainaire Veterinary was so impressed with your records of his immunizations and health progress. They said if all breeders were so competent, their initial puppy visits would be a piece of cake. Our friends love Rowdy, and 2 of them want one just like him. I have a feeling that, bottom line, they would not drive that distance to get a puppy. But, just in case, could you please update me if any more Giant Schnoodles are in the works? I will pass along the word. Thanks for saving him for us. We are delighted, and Sambo is a happy big brother. P.S. Sambo is 74 pounds now, and will have his 2nd birthday in a week. Sincerely, Gretchen

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2988 Limestone Rd
Clifton, KS66937

Phone: (785) 692-4373


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