2014 Pom-Klee, Stevie!

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Name: 2014 Pom-Klee, Stevie!

Description: Hannah and her friend drove from OK and picked up her new little girl! Hey Deb! Things are great at the James house! It was a slow start, she really had to warm up to the new environment and people, but once she did we got to see a sweet and adorable little puppy. And she's so curious, I bet she will be a handful, but she'll be smart! Attached are some pictures I've gotten so far!! It's good to hear from you! Talk to you soon, Hannah James Hey Deb! Hope all is well, glad to hear about a new litter! Stevie is about 8 months now. It's been a while since she's been "officially" weighed, but I would say she's about 8 lbs. Her color has changed, as well. When we first got her, she was all white/cream with a black stripe down her back. Now, her top coat is all black, her under coat is cream, and her belly/chest/legs are white, and she has great facial markings. She's SUCH a good puppy! I cannot stress how much she loves to be outdoors. From the time I get home in the afternoon and open the back door (which has a doggie door), she goes out and plays! We go out with her and play fetch with a small tennis ball and a frisbee. She won't come back in until about 9:45-10 pm when she's sleepy. She likes sticks, and worms (eww), and loves walks and being chased around the house! She's great with other dogs, better with smaller dogs though. We have a friend with a mild-tempered, older large dog, and she will bring him over so Stevie can get use to bigger dogs. She plays with him now, though gets a little timid when he runs, and has to learn to get out of his way if he can't see her around his feet. She is ALL husky/klee kai, except when she is sleepy, then she turns into a Pomeranian lap dog and loves to cuddle in your lap and have her belly rubbed. I'm so glad we were able to adopt her; she was a perfect addition to my little family! I am at work, and don't have pictures on this computer, but when I get home I will forward you some recent ones. I will also include a side-by-side picture I have of when we first got her and now. Thanks for checking in! I hope this information helps for the new potential puppy owners. Hannah Here are some recent pictures!

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2988 Limestone Rd
Clifton, KS66937

Phone: (785) 692-4373


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