2014 Pom-Klee, Loki!

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Name: 2014 Pom-Klee, Loki!

Description: Juliette and her kids came from OK picked up Loki, little male! OK...I am not the best picture taker in the world, but attached are a couple of pics of Loki being mommy's assistant at work! Best assistantEVER!!!! He is growing...a whopping 2.3 pounds as of yesterday, and is quite the whippersnapper!!! He is getting our routine down really well and starting to beat me to the next thing! He also thinks every time the microwave beeps that it's for him, and tries to run into the kitchen as fast as his little legs will carry him and stands below the microwave wagging his tail...it's hilarious!!! And, oh Lord, he loves popcorn! I eat a bowl of popcorn just about every night of the week for dinner, and he will fight me for it! He also fights me for French fries! Go figure...won't eat hard food or good ole cooked me, but fights me for the junk food! He blends right in with the kids!!! He is doing a little better with hard food, mainly if I mix it in with his smoothie blend. But, he is eating on his own and finally lapping water as of yesterday. I quite syringe feeding him last Friday, but was still giving him water from the syringe until yesterday when out of nowhere he started drinking like a big boy!!! He just has to do things his own way, in his own time! He is doing fantastic with potty training and is sleeping less and less during the day, but still sleeping all night. He is funny...everyone at work just can't get over how fearless and eager to play he is. He is also very, very smart! Ddoes he get this from the Pom, the Klee Kai or did I just luck out???? Okay...I hope you can open and see these pics okay. I had to copy them into a Word document to get them not to be sideways and oddly shaped as I imported them from my cell phone. Let me know if this does or doesn't work for future pics as he grows!! Thank you for everything and for my best little buddy...he is the best source of laughter and stress relief that I have ever had!!! Juliette Hi Debbie! I thought I would check in and let you know that Loki is doing great! His vet says he is perfectly healthy and ridiculously spoiled!!! We only listen to the 'healthy" part of what the vet says!!!!! :) He is a whopping 4.75 pounds now, which I am guessing is still quite a bit smaller than his siblings! I have attached some new pics so you can see how much he has grown! He is either going 90 to nothing or curled up in a tight little ball for a 20 minute power nap which makes getting pictures that are in focus or that you can actually see his face a bit of a challenge, but after about 20 takes I finally got a few that are not blurry!!!! He still refuses to eat hard food most of the time, but the vet says he is doing just fine on his soft food, yogurt and boiled chicken meat. Of course, he still fights me for my popcorn every time I make it!!! He is very loving and smart, but can be quite ornery when he doesn't get his way...which is not very often!!!! He is fully potty trained (hasn't had an accident in at least a month!), but makes sure I know every time he potties because I make such a fuss over what a "good boy" he is and he loves momma praises! He loves the kids and likes to play with them while we are driving places or snuggle sometimes if we are watching a movie, but the majority of the time he is my shadow! His favorite chore is sorting laundry...well...ok....I sort the laundry while he tries to run off with every dirty sock he can sink those little teeth into! He is full of energy and loves to chase with the cats all over the house and play tug-of-war! He has a friend at the office, but she is so much bigger than he is that she always wins and he pouts about it big time! Of course, he knows that means I'm going to play with him and while I give him a run for his money, I always let him win!!! I still very much want another little one! I don't suppose you have any Pom-Klee's or little Klee-Kai's on the way yet? Loki is such a joy to us, and as much as I love being his "main squeeze", I do feel like he needs a friend his own size that he can grow up and pal around with! I hope you enjoy the pics and will keep me posted on babies to come! Juliette Deb, Charlie looks just like Loki…just a tad bit bigger!!! He’s a cutie too!! Here are a few newer pics of Loki. The one with him on the love seat is at my office was taken about a week ago. He just jumped up there one day out of nowhere and looked at me as if to say, “Yea…I’m big!!!” The other two were taken the day he turned 6 months old. This is his morning routine…he watches me lovingly while I put on my makeup & then lays down & chews on his bone while I fix my hair. He definitely knows how to make a momma feel special!!!! I weighed him today and he weighs 5.6 pounds! He will be with us when we visit in August so you can see him in person! Juliette

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