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Name: WHF Mickey!

Description: Yes we picked him up right on time at the airport and been having fun with him ever since. He's really great, a riot to watch his antics. Very lovable! and cute! We'll be sedning pics to you soon. We flew this guy to NV. Mickey asleep, Mickey awake, Mickey really out! New picture of Mickey asleep in his enclosure. He's the best! Ron and Beth Oh, yes. Santa has many toys ready for Mickey on Christmas morning. (But he'll probably like tearing up the wrapping paper best of all!) Ron and Beth Hi, Deb -- just a note to tell that Mickey's doing great and we have started him in some training/obedience classes. First class he was very shy and timid around the other dogs; last class he was much more outgoing and VERY friendly with all the other owners. When they have puppy play time none of the dogs seem to want to play with each other, mostly explore, sniff and say hi to the people there. He's such a loving and sweet guy and we are enjoying him immensely. He's very funny to watch. The most entertaining dog we have owned! He has bonded really well with our airedale "Penny" (female/spayed) and they tusssle for hours on end. Best friends forever! He has 4-5 permanent teeth on top (all incisors I think). Still chewin' up a storm but no real damage to our stuff. He responds very well to "No!" so that is a good thing. We don't have to use it too often, but sometimes... He had his first bath at Petsmart in December* (we had a free coupon). Now we are wondering abpout his grooming; what's the best way to go if we don't want to hand-strip? Also what brushes/combs are best for him? It seems that clipping Wire Foxes makes them lose their vibrant coat colors and he has such nice markings. Anyway, thanks for any in fo you can provide on the grooming stuff. We'll send some more pix in the near future. Mickey is a wonderful puppy/dog! Regards, Ron and Beth Hi, Deb -- Two pix from Mickey's 3rd birthday which was yesterday. One he is enjoying his own a piece of birthday cake. Other he is relaxing on our front hall rug, one his favorite spots for snoozing, bone-chewing, etc. He's a great pal! Regards, Ron and Beth Cooney *They said he was "amazing" during his bath, etc. Hi, Deb -- A couple of pix of Mickey with his best friend, our Airedale "Penny." They have a great time together. Best, Ron and Beth Hi, Deb -- A couple of pix of Mickey with his best friend, our Airedale "Penny." They have a great time together. Best, Ron and Beth Hi, Deb -- A couple of pix of Mickey with his best friend, our Airedale "Penny." They have a great time together. Best, Ron and Beth Here's another recent shot of our growing boy! Yeah, he's very fun to have around. Quite a character, too. We get lots of "He's so cute" when we take him for his daily walks -- which he loves. He just passed his Star Puppy obedience course, but needs reminding of the commands (especially to come when he's called) from time to time. He had his first two 2 nights away from home boarded at our vets (we went to SF) and they said he did "amazing!" He's very curious about everything. We all love him so much! Ron and Beth Hi, Deb -- Hard to believe our little pup who arrived here last Nov. 19th is 1 year old today. He's a good boy (100% terrier if you know what I mean!) and we love him dearly. I'll forward a pic soon. He is a handsome lad and a lot of fun. Walks are probably his favorite thing of all. Regards, Ron and Beth Cooney Hi, Deb -- Sorry it took so long to get these to you, but here are three photos of our 1 year Mickey showing his usual happy face! He is loving life as much as we love him. Regards, Ron and Beth Hi, just an update that our boy will be 2 years old on Sunday. We'll forward a birthday pic when we get him spruced up. We dearly love him; he's the funniest dog we've ever owned -- tons of personality -- most of it good! He likes to chew bones lying on my lap in the evening. Most of all he likes going for walks. Best, Ron and Beth Here's our beloved and handsome boy, just turned two years old on 9/5/15. Full of life and fun but much in need of a bath and a haircut (next week). He sends his love! Ron, Beth...and Mickey! Hi! I am five years old today. I love my family....and the special birthday Twinkie my Dad gave me! Love, Mickey Cooney

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Phone: (785) 692-4373


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