Finnegan, the Australian Terrier!

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Name: Finnegan, The Australian Terrier!

Description: We shipped Jenny's puppy to her today! Deb, I got finn he arrived early and the airport workers were already loving on him as he is quite the charmer. I love him and will send updates. Here is an update on Finn in North Dakota. Yesterday was a banner day as he had his first confirmed kill.... now he didn't actually catch the mouse (he stole it from the cat) he did re catch it and kill it which makes me very happy. Both ears are now up and he is becoming quite the grown up. Everyone that meets him loves him and that says a lot because I have some pretty picky pet people in my life. (I would disassociate myself with non pet lovers if they weren't family.) He is a great little dog! I hope all is well in your direction. Jen He is positively a perfect. He is doing really well with potty training and he has taken to following me around and doing all the chores. Jen Finn and I wish you a happy holidays. He has become mostly cat as he likes to be on top of all the furniture. He has become a well adjusted young adult. He is potty trained and is currently loosing all of his teeth so all he wants for Christmas is his new teeth. Hope you have a great season, Jen and Finn Hi, My ausie terrier Finn is a year old now, so I thought it was time for an update. He is absolutely the best little dog a girl could ask for! He is always ready to play but takes his napping very seriously as well. He is happy and healthy and I thank you so much for breeding such good well rounded little dogs! Jen from North Dakota

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2988 Limestone Rd
Clifton, KS66937

Phone: (785) 692-4373


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