Elk-Kee, PeeWee!

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Name: Elk-Kee, PeeWee!

Description: Nellye came today and got her Elk-Kee puppy! We made it home.....(and it did not take near as long to get home as it did to get there) darn garmon. Maggie and Tiny played and played outside. He's a brave little thing. I think he will fit in just perfect. Thanks again for being so patient this past week and holding him for me. He's for sure a little keeper. Nellye Thought I would send a picture of Pee -Wee. (Tiny) He is really growing fast. He is a super little guy and I have really been enjoying him. Thanks Nellye Do you remember this little runt? Such a good boy. Nellye How much does the mom and dad of mine weigh? PeeWee weighed 40 pounds at vet today. I wonder if he's full grown? He is so cute. Real chunky built. Nellye Deb peewee used to be so fluffy....until a few weeks ago I woke up and he looked like a dandelion about ready to explode. Lol. And he did;) After a lot of brushing he looks a lot thinner and cooler. Do they grow their undercoat back for the winter? It was quite funny I think enough hair came off him for at least two dogs. He is a beautiful dog. And he seems much cooler after the explosion. I'm hoping that was normal ?? I have a friend that is looking for a good dog and I sent them to your web sight. Pam and Mike Skidmoore. Hopefully they will find one they like. I told them both my pups came from you and I have been very pleased. Have a great 4th. Nellye Bell All grown up.

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2988 Limestone Rd
Clifton, KS66937

Phone: (785) 692-4373


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