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2013 Giant Schnoodle, Nikko!

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Name: 2013 Giant Schnoodle, Nikko!

Description: Hi Deb, We have our baby. He loves our other dogs but they're not sure about him yet. He has a wonderful disposition. I have a feeling he's going to love lacrosse-my sons game and other dog, Ava's favorite sport. Thank you for raising a beautiful pup we already fell in love!! Ps. His name is Nikko Monica Dunbar Hi Debbie, Wanted to share pictures of our growing baby. He is becoming a BIG lovable boy. He is such a cuddly sweetheart. He loves Playing outside! He hops like a bunny. Thank you again for making it possible for him to be part of our family! We changed his name to Neiko (Jet), born July 2013. Dunbar family