Welsh Terrier, Maizie!

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Name: Welsh Terrier, Maizie!

Description: Denise & Herold drove from WI and picked up their Welsh! Hi Deb, Well we made it home about 6pm on Monday. We went through some pretty bad storms in Iowa. Maizie was a very good traveler. She also went outside to do her business. We really appreciate how she was raised by you. Herold took her to the vet today and she said she was in perfect health. She got a lymes disease shot today -we have that in Wisconsin quite a lot due to the mosquitos here. She weights 4.4 lbs. She was made over quite a lot yesterday whe when we went to PetCo to get her food. We got the Blue Buffalo they did not have the other, We also got her chew toys etc. They have a dog specialist there and she will be going to classes when she is old enough. They have a goomer right there as well, however, I think we will be taking care of most of that. Herold says that we will be sending pics as soon as we can get her to sit still for one. She is only quiet when she is sleeping. Will send more updates as Maizies' saga goes on. Hope you got some of the rain that has been floating around. Take care and have a wonderful weekend. Denise and Herold plus Maizie Hi Deb, My email is acting crazy today so I am using Herold's to send you more pics of Maizie. She is growing so fast is is amazing. She learned real fast how to climb the deck stairs and if she wants to go in she makes a beline for the house. She is a character, when you tell her no she looks very cutely at her as if to say "Moi", no I am so cute. Our daughter and her girls (11 and 8) came to "baby sit" while we had to go to a wedding. AnnMarie thought she should not be alone. She and the girls spent the weekend and the girls, Tessa 11 and Claire 8 spent the week with us. We took them home on Sat. I hope you had some rain, we finally got more today but the humidity the past week or so has been unbearable. Also the bugs - the mosquitos have been the wost I have seen in several years. Last year I only had one bite all summer long. This year not so lucky. Maizie goes for her second lymes disease shot on Thurs. She loves riding in the truck, and is a very good girl at night. She goes to bed with us and wakes up with us. This makes it very nice. Have a wonderful week and I will send more pics later on. Best to you both, Denise and Herold Maisie is growing like a week. She is now over 11 lbs. She was sick last week and still has some stomach problems. She is getting house trained pretty well we think. I would send pics but she is never quiet enough to get a good one. We took her to lower Michigan and that is where her problems started. She found some cigarette butts and ate them before we could get them out of her mouth. She loves to graze outside everytime we take her out. She is like a baby and has to have everything in her mouth. We will get some pics to send soon. Take care, Denise,Herold and Maisie

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