Eskinu, Baxter!

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Name: Eskinu, Baxter!

Description: We shipped this little guy to Ohio! Hi Debbie, Sorry it took so long I was having trouble getting the attachments to send so I'm sending the pictures in 2 separate emails. But here is the picture of us with Baxter! :) He really does look like he's smiling! lol He is so perfect for our growing family and I want to thank you guys. Baxter is the sweetest most playful little puppy we love him so much! As I have told you we are expecting our first child in November and we cannot wait to watch them grow together. You guys take such good care of your puppies and after a long puppy search we couldn't be more pleased with our choice. Thank you again! Whitney and Alex Sharp Hey Debbie this is Alex and Whitney from Cincinnati we got a puppy last year around this time from you guys and it has been the greatest experience. I believe he was considered an imo inu u guys called him smiley. We are wondering if you guys plan on doing anything close to his breed here in the future we love him I love the shibas as well please keep us posted on future litters. Thank you Ill be home from work soon ill send you a picture and update on Baxter Sharp. His mom that is due is it the same breed as last years. We wouldn't buy a dog from anyone but you. You guys did such an excellent job on every aspect. Thank you so much he makes our family whole. Yes Baxter is now a year old last week and he is such a funny dog. He thinks he is part cat part human, I don't know what his deal is. But anyways our baby is now 6 months old and I couldn't be more amazed of how much hr tends to her as well as being gentle. I believe he is at the size he is going to stay. He ended up 28 to 30 lbs. Still have him eating the blu buffalo and on special days he gets his ice cream. Here are a few pictures. I love this type of dog and you say in two months or so your going to have another litter? We want to get him a playmate. I also love the shiba inu just have heard mixed reviews on there temperament. Baxter trained very easily ill try to send a video if possible. Well I know your puppies go so fast once you post them. if there is any chance we can get pictures of the new shibas as you take them and once were back from Florida in two weeks I may just send a deposit to try and make sure we get another excellent puppy. Ill take care of convincing my wife. You guys take care and keep us posted.oh yea we were wondering sense Baxter is a prissy boy would you recomend having another boy or getting a girl? We dont know much about that. Thank you. Alex Sharp

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2988 Limestone Rd
Clifton, KS66937

Phone: (785) 692-4373


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