Ace, the Basenji

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Name: Ace, The Basenji

Description: We shipped this guy to Robert and family in MA. hello Deb I just wanted to let you know that ace made it safely safe and sound and we love him he is awesome and he's doing well he's already eating out of his bowl and he's already gone potty in his proper spot. He is a feisty one . He is full of energy. Thank you Bob Sullivan Hello Debbie and Doug, today is aces birthday and I thought it was appropriate for me to update you on how he is doing.Ace has been a complete joy since the day we picked him up from the airport. He has been a welcome addition to our family we do not know what we used to do without him. although he keeps us on our toes we wouldn't change anything about him. I would like to thank you because you delivered on your promise he perfect!!! he is the perfect blend of two great dogs you should be proud of yourself and what you're doing. you breed top quality grade A puppies. That is what we feel you deliver to us. Thank you. Ace draws attention everywhere we go people want to come over and see him and want to know what kind of dog he is. we get compliments on his looks every day. He looks like a show dog and we think he would win if we ever entered him. please let me know if you ever need anyone to speak to a potential customer as an owner of one of your awesome puppies. Thank you. Bob Sullivan. Hello Deb and Doug, I just wanted to update you on ACE. ACE turned two last week and he is better than ever. He has a great temperment ZERO aggression towards other dogs or people. He is awesome thank you. Deb I saw the new puppies they look great. I wish we could have another but now is not the time. Please know when we are ready we will call you. We love ACE so much. He makes my day every day. He makes me laugh every single day. He is the best dog.I will send a few more pictures soon. Here is one of him in his favorite spot.

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2988 Limestone Rd
Clifton, KS66937

Phone: (785) 692-4373


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