Boxerdoodle, Toby!

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Name: Boxerdoodle, Toby!

Description: We shipped this guy to MD. The kids have named him Toby. Deb, Looking so handsome with his new haircut. Nice to hear from you. Toby just had his recheck with the vet today. His ear infections and parasite have cleared with the medication. She was able to dilate his eyes today and the fogginess has cleared so she was able to rule out cataracts, thank goodness! Toby seems very intelligent. It took all of three days to train him to use a designated area in the back yard to relieve himself. He responds to basic commands, come, sit, and we are working on down and stay as well as, leash training. We have introduced him to a couple neighbor dogs and he loves to play with them. We are having one small behavior issue with some aggression at random times. Standard methods don't seem to be working so we are consulting a behavior expert. His coat is still mostly smooth with no color change. He is growing some longer tufts along his back and shoulder. He is really a very handsome dog.. I will try to get a picture that shows off his coat. Pictures are difficult as he is not inclined to sit still and pose. All on all we are very happy with him and he seems just as happy. Patti Deb, Here are a couple recent pics. Toby is now 25 lbs. I think the one photo shows his curly hair. Patti Six months and very handsome. Doing very well in obedience school as well. Patti

Contact Info

2988 Limestone Rd
Clifton, KS66937

Phone: (785) 692-4373


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