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Bo-Jack, Darla

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Name: Bo-Jack, Darla

Description: We shipped this pup to CA.We have her . Too cute , She is taking a nap . Pics later tonight. Deb and Doug , Here is our new family picture. We love her .stayed in the crate for 6 hours last night . Will keep you updated . Going to the Vet tomorrow. Vic and Debbie Hello, Went to the Vet last Thursday and everything checked out .She seems to scratch a lot ,are there Fleas out in Kansas ? she is staring to chew a lot , Teething I guess . Potty training is hit and miss. Still enjoy her . My wife says she's not in Kansas anymore ! she is a Californa Girl now ! Pic is her in her crate ! That's it for now , Vic and Debbie Hi Debbie , Here is a picture of our spoiled little girl . Just to keep you up to date . Darla will be spayed next Wednesday , growing quickly , she weighs 11.5 , and is very beautiful and gets man compliments on her coloring. People ask if she is Boxer or Pitbull ! We are also looking into puppy school. Happy holidays from the dollossos!! We enjoy Darla every day!! Thank you for bringing such joy to our home!!