Yoshi, Eskinu!

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Name: Yoshi, Eskinu!

Description: We shipped a Eskinu puppy to Jimmye in CA. Puppy arrived safely .... seems to have settled in just fine. Need to go out and shop for chew toys. smile. I've been having camera issues I'm sending you several pictures of our sweetie, I'd forgotten how difficult is to photograph "Black" if these don't work for you let me know I'll try again Yes, he seemed to love the toys .... we have a gas log fireplace with sand without a screen .... he decided that would be a good place to hide his toys .... he tried to bury a couple toys in the sand of course the sand isn't deep enough and now his beautiful white paws are gray. Yoshi, is very smart and intuitive, however, you must realize we are prejudice. We haven't yet figured out, whether it's our body language or words that Yoshi is reading when he correctly anticipates an opportunity to go for a ride. Conversely he accepts the pronouncement that he needs to "Stay" this time and that we'll be back. I'm trying to get him to accept the notion that there are "Inside Toys" and "Outside Toys". I make him drop the "Outside Toy" (a stick, branch, rock, Frisbee) before he comes in, after a few minutes he pretends that he wants to go back outside and waits by the door, when the door is opened up he does not step outside but reaches for the toy left outside in an effort to sneak it in. He loves getting a hold of contraband ie someone's gloves or socks. As you can tell, we are very proud parents. Thought you might be interested in hearing about Jazz ... we renamed him Yoshi. Yoshi has been a constant source of entertainment for us, unfortunately we spoil him terribly. We've finally started him in Doggie Day School, today was his first day (he came home exhausted). Hi Debbie, Thought you might enjoy getting an update on Yoshi (formerly Jazz) ... he'll be turning 2 at the end of this month. We love him dearly, he is so very entertaining. He loves going out for walk or for a drive. Unfortunately he keeps trying to make whoopee with the cushions on our couch. I've attached a picture of him taking over the bed at the dog sitters. I wonder if it's possible that he still remembers your voice, today when we played your video from the Christmas just before he came to us. He got very interested in the video, he even barked at it. Thanks Again Dan & Jimmye Lou Thies Diamond Bar, California Thank you Dan & Jimmye Lou Thies

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2988 Limestone Rd
Clifton, KS66937

Phone: (785) 692-4373


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