Rayn, Elk-Kee puppy!

General Info

Name: Rayn, Elk-Kee Puppy!

Description: Zack and his family came to get his new puppy! Debbie and Doug, I am writing you this evening to give you an update on my puppy Rayn. I couldn't have picked a better puppy! Shes a gorgeous dog and just an absolute joy to have! She gets so many compliments on how cute and adoreable she is. I take her everywhere, she really enjoys trips to taco johns and the bank because she gets treats. We have almost got her housebroken. She has occasional accidents but she is doing very well. She knows to sit and shake so far but we work on other tricks everyday. Her paw eye coordination is coming along very well. I know for a fact she is looking forward to the snow storm coming. The snow is her favorite thing I think haha. Its very hard to get her to come back inside. I absolutely love her and wouldnt trade her for anything in the world. Thanks for everything! Hope all is well over there. Sincerely, Zach Spear

Contact Info

2988 Limestone Rd
Clifton, KS66937

Phone: (785) 692-4373


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