Standard Poodle, Carter

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Name: Standard Poodle, Carter

Description: Gregory & Carol picked up their Standard Poodle puppy. They are from KS. Carter has done absolutely fabulous at school. He has not had a single accident so far. The middle school boys love him dearly. They fight over who gets to take him potty. I'm having to work with the boys so they don't get him so wired. He hates to leave that classroom. I always get a little whining when we leave. People are just amazed at how mellow he is most of the time. He has sat through hour long meetings without making a peep. He has already done several rounds of helping upset kids calm down. I really could not have asked for a more perfect therapy dog. I hope he keeps this temperment as he grows up. Thank you very much for this wonderful dog. I can't say enough positives about him. I'll send a picture one of these days with him and all his boys. Just thought you might be interested in seeing a new picture of Carter, our standard poodle we got from you the end of Oct. He just turned 5 months and started puppy class last week. He goes to people school every day with me. He waits at the door every morning while I am getting ready. He loves the kids and the kids love him. He is rapidly becoming the school dog and is sometimes allowed to meander through the halls and into classrooms. I am really pleased with how well he is doing for as young as he is. I have had several teacher tell me thank you for bringing him to school. I have shared your name with several people that have asked where I got him because he is such a good dog. You definitely breed some very smart puppies. Thank you very much. I am enclosing a picture we took this last weekend. He is growing fast. Hope you can open the pic. Cathy Penner Thought I would send you Carter's school picture. We are just so pleased to have him. The kids and adults at school absolutely love him. I work with a first grade boy on the autism spectrum. He has just blossomed around Carter. Carter spends a lot of time in the middle school classroom for emotionally disturbed students. Yesterday I went to pick him up and one of the boys said, "I don't want Carter to leave." I also have a very street wise 7th grade boy in that class. He asked me a couple of days ago, "What kind of dog is Carter?" I told him Carter was a poodle. He said, "I HATE poodles." After a brief pause he turned to me and said, "But I love Carter." There are many stories I could tell you of things he has done in his short time we have had him. I'm sure you get lots of great stories. Everyone at school insisted that Carter had to take a school picture because he is part of the school. I am enclosing his school pic. It turned out really good. Thanks again for raising such wonderful dogs. Cathy Penner I'm sad you no longer do standard poodles. Those parents produced some wonderful dogs. Glad they have a good retirement life. I am sending you a picture of Carter at work, his school pic from Sept. and a pic from home. He is greatly loved by many!!

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2988 Limestone Rd
Clifton, KS66937

Phone: (785) 692-4373


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