Andy, flew into pick up his new best friend!

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Name: Andy, Flew Into Pick Up His New Best Friend!

Description: Happy customer with his new Wire Fox Terrier, Rusty! Rusty is doing well, he is now 2.5 years old.This little guy has more air miles on him than most people will ever have! Rusty.....Have a Great Day! Great to hear from you! Rusty is my best friend. We do everything together... He loves flying and riding in golf carts.. He weighs 22 pounds, super fast and athletic! Glad all is good in Kansas and you have some new breeds.. Photos to follow... Andy We just wanted to say Hello.. Rusty Is enjoying his summer.. Loves swimming pools and old westerns.. How are you guys doing? Andy/Rusty Rusty Says Hello. He is a wonderful Dog. Full of Life. How are you guys doing? I flew over Clay Center, Kansas yesterday in Lear Jet twice. Looks like you got a dusting of snow down there? Andy/ Rusty Good Morning! I was thinking about you guys last week for some reason also. All is well here, life has been normal, very busy flying. Never really slowed down for me. Rusty and Indy are doing fine. Rusty still acts like a pup, just sleeps a little more than usual. I seen Indy a few weeks ago, my buddy Ben Strader got him from you about 6 months after Rusty. Hope you guys survived the past few years? I’ll send a few photos Rusty is the airport mascot. Rides a lot in his golf cart. So Happy you said Hello this morning! A good dog like Rusty is all that matters in life. I have all the material junk I need. But having a 24 hour “friend ” is the Best.

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2988 Limestone Rd
Clifton, KS66937

Phone: (785) 692-4373


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